My artistic practice and professional life are deeply rooted in my journey for personal and communal healing. In order to center this journey and purpose in life I open my space and time to heal with others conditionally. In this manifesto you can read under which conditions I am open to connect. Please note that if you consider yourself as part of the communities I belong to, we can always negotiate some of the conditions. 


  • If you are interested to book one of my existing works please be aware that I also require a conversation to understand how you/your institution is invested in decolonization, what you will do to make the work accessible to my communities in your space, and how you will engage with the communities to make future collaborations and access to your space possible
  • Any form of collaboration, communication should be approached with care and investment to create safer spaces for all those involved
  • Approaching me and the people I collaborate with should include an understanding of us as multi-layered people with several roles at the same time: community builders, performers, interlocutors who will have to be rewarded for the time they will invest including rehearsals, preparations, workshops, performance, PR and possible other activities. 
  • If you have a request to book one of my works, consult my advice, for an interview please make sure you approach me at least two months in advance for an actual meeting/event taking place. 
  • If you are interested in a meeting to consult my advice or network please be aware that I work according to an hour rate of 75 euro per hour excl. VAT/BTW
  • In your first communication with me make sure you contact me by e-mail only, and deliver me the following information: 
    1. introduction about yourself and, in case you are representing someone or an institution, of them as well. Please include relevant links to social media and website(s)
    2. a short description on how you got to know my work, and why you are interested to connect
    3. a clear indication how our communication will result into a financial reciprocity, meaning how we will both financially gain from our collaboration
  • My work ethos aims to make sure we will respect each other’s time and energy, meaning that
    1. we set dates together
    2. give each other at least one week to reply to messages
    3. we take the time to develop a deeper connection to make sure that we will create opportunities for the communities with whom we will engage
  • Note that all the fees being communicated are excluding VAT/BTW, transportation of the artistic crew/productional staff/performers, accommodation of the artistic crew/production staff/performers, transportation of the set
  • Please be mindful when you invite me to create work of the labor which is already invested and is ongoingly being invested in the works I have created already. 


Thank you for reading this manifesto. If you contact me I assume you have read and understood the requirements for further communication.