Decolonizing Dance Class
community –  healing – trance


This weekly class is a journey to find ways of healing for trauma and pain which our ancestors have experienced during colonialism. Through body work and dance we focus on the connection with the ancestors, and the relation between the heart and hara (centre). While the heart is the space of feelings and emotions, the hara is the source of strength and rootedness. We will focus on the emotions related to our shared colonial histories. In the process of decolonization we are constantly in search of a different relationships with land, and through dance we will also connect with the rootedness inside of ourselves, in order to connect with our ancestors. In this journey, Fazle Shairmahomed, is mostly inspired by  rituals of Gnawa, Zar, and House.

You will be prepared with exercises that are inspired by Butoh and Body Weather, bringing us to bodies that do not exist anymore, the soul inside of us, towards the politicized body in which we exist, how our bodies relate, and how the transcendental exists within the presence of a group. Ultimately I will prepare you with techniques that can bring you into a state of trance. You will developing a consciousness of how to get into this state and find your own path towards controlling or letting go. 


Build up

  1. Warm-up with focus on hara (center) and heart with techniques from Noguchi Taiso, jacking, rocking, and movement of the spine
  2. First dance ritual which includes elements of Zar and Gnawa to find a deeper physical connection with our ancestors by engaging with different rhythms at the same time
  3. Simple techniques in couples and/or a group with a focus on the neck, head and small movements in the body, but also the relation to each other in the group
  4. Second dance ritual to let go of feelings we do not longer want to carry with us. We focus more on footwork, arms and hands
  5. Relaxation through manipulations inspired by Body Weather

This class is open to anyone, and no experience is required. It is in your own advantage if you identify with the fight for decolonization. 

Please wear some comfortable clothes, and the class will be bare feet.
You are also advised to drink water only before and after the class.

Please register here for the class at 17:00 latest on the day of the class.

theater De Vaillant

Hobbemastraat  120, The Hague
Wednesdays 19.00 – 21:00 (from 23rd of September until 24th of February)
Participation: free