a ritual of decolonization

Ancestors who endured indentured labor, who had suffered, were punished, abused, and murdered, but also revolted against oppression and de-humanization. A recent history which has been and is being erased and silenced. This ritual is an embodiment of those who lived indentured labor for those souls we have lost on the seas.

This work has been developed as a research for the exhibition ‘Capitalocean’ at W139, organized by artist Sara Pape Garcia. Initiated from an interest in the crystallization of sea water into salt, predicting and waiting for the arrival of sea sparkle at the seashore of Den Haag. Investigating the crystallization of sea salt on my body and bodies of others has brought me to development of an improvisation score, titled ‘Synaesthesia of Space’, as an invitation to navigate through the exhibition at W139.┬áThis research also resulted in a live video installation in collaboration with Jan Huijben, titled ‘Hydrophiliae’, in which the crystallization of sea water on my dark skin reflects a meditative state in which the contrast between salt and skin are inteferred by a breathing humid entity. The perfection of water drops is habitually disturbed and transformed into a new shape.
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Maker and performer: Fazle Shairmahomed
Sound: Ji Youn Kang
Costume: Ludmila Rodrigues
Art on stage: Sara Pape Garcia